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Project Portfolio

Drying A Storage Facility After A Chicago Storm

After Storms Strike, DRYCO Arrives (With a lot of Equipment) When storms passed through the Chicago area this summer, wreaking havoc on homes and businesses, DRYCO responded in force with equipment and service.  One of the numerous projects that DRYCO responded to called for 60,000 cfm of dehumidified air to help dry out a storage […]

NHL Hockey Playoffs

During the NHL playoffs DRYCO regularly supplies additional climate control to help stadiums overcome temperature and humidity conditions.  As one can imagine, when playoff hockey runs into the late spring and early summer months, the HVAC system’s of many stadiums fall short.  Many of these systems were not designed for warm weather and sellout crowds.  […]

A Cold Summer In Texas

A new construction project in Texas required temporary climate control during the finishing stages of the interior. DRYCO provided its ArcticDRY mechanical dehumidifier units, which provide conditioned dry air at a 40 degree dew point. The units (as seen) were placed next to exterior walls and ducted into the space. Construction Drying Project DRYCO technicians […]

Water Damage in Sonora, CA – Pipe Break

When the pipe on the third floor of this building broke it resulted in water damage to the building’s structure. The floors and walls were soaked with water and moisture crept into all areas of the building. DRYCO was called in to help dry it all out. Rental Equipment (1) 5000cfm Desiccant Dehumidifier (1) 125kW Power […]

DRYCO At The US Capitol

During the renovation of the United States Capitol visitors center, DRYCO was asked to provide dehumidification in the lower level areas. The construction contractor was concerned about the moisture levels while installing flooring and other finishing work. Because the contractor was also concerned about interior temperatures, we utilized ArcticDRY mechanical dehumidifiers (the blue units pictured). […]

Navy Flight Deck Resurfacing

During the dry dock repairs of a Naval aircraft carrier DRYCO was asked to deliver highly specific climate control specifications during the resurfacing of the flight deck. The project required containment, dehumidification, heating and ventilation (pictured) to accomplish successful application of the non-skid surface. The flight deck was stripped and repainted in sections, requiring that […]

Saturn Rocket & DRYCO

During the refurbishment of the Saturn Rocket (yes, the one that traveled into outer space!), DRYCO was called to provide climate control in order to prevent moisture related damage (rusting). Underneath the plastic sheeting is a DRYCO desiccant dehumidifier providing dry air to safeguard the rocket from corrosion. Maybe one day DRYCO will be asked […]

An Ice Arena Needs DRYCO

The warm summer weather created problems at an Ivy League University Ice Arena, requiring additional cooling and dehumidification. As seen above, DRYCO delivered a 5,000 cfm desiccant dehumidifier and a 30 ton ArcticDRY unit to help combat the moisture problems. Once again, DRYCO came to their rescue. After our assist, the ice was as cold […]

A Dry Electric Car

With high humidity creating problems at California electric car manufacturing plant, climate control was needed. Rather than a standard desiccant dehumidifier, DRYCO installed the ArcticDRY units to provide drying and cooling capabilities. The two 15T on mechanical dehumidifiers added the right amount of dry air, extra cooling and air changes that the plant needed. This […]

Controlling The Bay Bridge

During maintenance and painting on some of the interior portions of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, dehumidification and heating was used to provide climate control. As seen, the duct work from the desiccant dehumidifiers and heaters was attached to the side of the bridge and ran vertically for nearly 150 feet before reaching the […]

High School Is Dry School Again

A water damage occurred during the construction of a High School modernization/addition. Nearly the entire building was affected, suffering extensive water damage. DRYCO was called in by a local restoration company to help support their efforts. A 15,000cfm and a 5,000cfm desiccant dehumidifier were delivered to the job site, as well as the necessary power […]