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News & Notes

Healthcare Engineering, Planning, Design & Construction

2013 PDC Summit and Exhibition DRYCO’s Northern California rep Ryan Arbulich is at the PDC Expo. “International summit and exhibition on health facility planning, construction and design.” Come visit DRYCO booth #550!

Cincinnanti Office Becomes Member of Allied Construction Industries

We are very pleased to announce that the DRYCO Cincinnati location has become a member of Allied Construction Industries About ACI in their own words from their website: “Allied Construction Industries (ACI) is a nonprofit trade association comprised of approximately 580 member companies who employ more than 30,000 individuals throughout Greater Cincinnati. Founded in 1929, ACI’s membership […]

Water Damage at a Hotel

Bursting Pipes This hotel in Murphys, CA experienced water damage after pipes froze and burst. DRYCO was called in to help dry out the space. By using DRYCO’s rental equipment and services, structural drying time was quickened which helps companies get back to business faster. Rental Equipment: (1) 5000cfm Desiccant Dehumidifier (1) 125kW Power Generator

Residential Fire and Water Damage

Heating an Ice House Winter in Wisconsin can be brutally cold.  Unfortunately, winter also brings an elevated risk for fires with residential heaters pushed to their max.  When fire strikes there is always water damage from the efforts to put out the fire but in the winter, that water turns to ice adding another problem […]

Frozen Pipes – Water Damage

Let’s Get These Fish Warmed Up! This fish hatchery in Milwaukee, WI sustained water damage when temperatures dropped causing pipes to freeze and burst.  DRYCO was called in to assist with structural drying and temporary heating.  Rental Equipment Supplied: (1) 5000cfm Desiccant Dehumidifier (1) 150kW Diesel Power Generator (1) 1 million BTU Heater

Moisture Issues In Your Food Processing Facility?

Visit the DRYCO booth 3563 in Hall B during the International Poultry Show and learn about solutions for moisture and condensation prevention.  DRYCO offers both permanent and temporary equipment needs for production areas, freezers, loading docks and anywhere moisture is an issue in your facility. We also provide solutions for heating, cooling and power requirements. […]

Food Processing – Moisture & Temperature Control

Visit DRYCO booth 3563 at the International Poultry Expo this week in Atlanta, GA! Stop by our booth and let’s talk about Moisture Regain Prevention and Condensation Prevention.  We have large desiccant dehumidifiers that will help keep humidity under control and coolers/AC units to help keep temperatures where they are supposed to be.

Successful Painting & Coating Application – Controlled Humidity and Temperature

DRYCO is at SSPC2013 this week! Visit us at booth 514 and let’s chat about your temporary climate control needs. Desiccant Dehumidification Heating Cooling We can make sure your project is at the proper temperature and dew point so application of  paint or coating is successful.

Residential Construction Drying – Desiccant Dehumidification

In addition to large construction drying projects DRYCO also works on smaller projects. This residence in Seattle area is a construction drying project we are currently working on. We are utilizing two 385cfm Desiccant Dehumidifier (one shown below) for wood frame drying.

DRYCO at SSPC 2013 – Dehumidification & Cooling

 Stop by DRYCO booth 514 and chat with us about our climate control and power rental equipment and services. On Monday January 14th DRYCO’s Don Schnell will be giving a presentation entitled Cool, Dry Or Both: When Is Cooling Equipment Appropriate As A Dehumidifier? This presentation will detail the differences between cooling type dehumidification and desiccant dehumidification and […]

DRYCO Rental Equipment Heating A Water Tank

Heating a water tank during painting Palatine, Illinois Pictured: a 700,000btu indirect fired heater

Industrial Dehumidification at the WorkBoat Show

We Are Showcasing New Equipment! Come visit us at boot 3967 at the International WorkBoat Show in NOLA Our new dehumidifier the SBDH-200 is built specifically for Marine Vessels and small spaces SBDH-200 Printable PDF

New Drying Equipment for Military Vessels – Small Spaces

DRYCO is unveiling the SBDH-200! This small unit has been built specifically for drying marine vessels. Features include: • 200cfm  •  Electric  •  460 volt 3 phase  • 5amps  • 175lbs  •  L:20 x W:17 x H:38 • ANSI lifting bar made with dual 12 gauge 304 stainless steel angle • 18 gauge 304 stainless […]

New Equipment!

DRYCO is unveiling a new piece of equipment at Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, WA International Workboat Show in New Orleans, LA Come see this small portable dehumidifier that has been specifically built for submarines,aircraft carriers and other small spaces

Job Snapshot

Industrial project Indiana Desiccant Dehumidifier DH 15,000  

Hurricane Response

Hurricane Response Follow us on Twitter for more frequent updates! DRYCO is no stranger to emergency response.  Irene, Charlie, Wilma, Ike, Katrina and more… DRYCO was there providing emergency services to assist with restoration work.  We can be where ever you need us to be.  If Hurricane Isaac hits we have rental equipment in the area waiting for your […]