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Desiccant Dehumidifiers

When you need to control moisture, reduce humidity, dry a space or control a climate, this is it: the desiccant dehumidifier. DRYCO offers one of the largest fleets and widest range of desiccant dehumidifiers in the country. These units are available for rental on short term or long term projects. These are industrial, portable desiccant dehumidifiers which […]

Commercial & Industrial Dehumidifiers

DRYCO possesses a nearly complete fleet of professional strength, portable commercial dehumidifiers in the country. We are a proud leader in commercial and industrial dehumidifier rental services. There are a number job sites where the absence of moisture is critical. When the situation arises, we provide an immediate climate control solution where it is needed. […]

Portable Dehumidifiers

DRYCO offers commercial and industrial portable dehumidifier rental anywhere across the country. We own portable industrial desiccant, commercial, small refrigerant and mechanical dehumidifiers that are available upon request. Our large selection means that we are likely to have the portable dehumidifier you need to get the job done. Large Selection To Fit Your Needs DRYCO […]

Mechanical Dehumidifiers (ArcticDRY)

As a temporary climate control company, cooling and air conditioning can be one component of controlling a space. Use ArcticDRY to provide cool, dry air, for example, in a warm and wet climate or working area to help provide a safer environment Sometimes worker safety requires cooling or the need to maintain a lower interior […]

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers (LGR)

DRYCO specializes in Refrigerant Dehumidifiers. We rent refrigerant dehumidifiers for portable moisture control on a weekly basis, or we offer custom rental length agreements. We have several hundreds of these units, so you can always find one available at DRYCO. They are easy to operate and very effective for use in both industrial and commercial […]