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Equipment Rental

Air Conditioners

DRYCO offers air conditioner rentals for commercial, industrial, and construction applications. We have many sizes to choose from and many units available with same day delivery. To suggest the proper size AC unit, we need to know the size of your building, work area, or structure. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and […]

Portable Air Conditioner Rental

DRYCO offers industrial, construction and commercial portable air conditioner rental. If you have an emergency or your cooling needs aren’t being met, our portable air conditioners will quickly solve your problems. Our industrial and commercial portable air conditioners can cool any size building from a small office to large manufacturing center or warehouse. Obviously our […]

Air Scrubbers

Air Scrubber Rental Air scrubbers are primarily used to remove airborne particles and fumes from a particular site. When used with the appropriate filter, an air scrubber can work wonders. If a building or space contains mold spores, air scrubbers can remove them from the air, making it less harmful to breath. If the site […]


Chiller units and systems utilize chilled water to control the temperature of the surrounding air or machinery and mechanisms. Without that temperature control, many precision machines would fail and possibly seize up, damaging the equipment.

Spot Coolers

Spot cooler rental has become a rapidly growing portion of our business as there is a great demand for portable temporary cooling. Spot coolers are an ideal solution for a building that has a compromised air conditioning or climate control system. Keeping a building cool has become even more critical since the implementation of modern technology and […]

Air Movers

DRYCO is one of the nation largest and most well equipped air mover rental companies. At any industrial or commercial construction site, you will find that the air mover is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment used during the project. Air movers use a relatively small amount of compressed air, but manage to […]

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

When you need to control moisture, reduce humidity, dry a space or control a climate, this is it: the desiccant dehumidifier. DRYCO offers one of the largest fleets and widest range of desiccant dehumidifiers in the country. These units are available for rental on short term or long term projects. These are industrial, portable desiccant dehumidifiers which […]

Commercial & Industrial Dehumidifiers

DRYCO possesses a nearly complete fleet of professional strength, portable commercial dehumidifiers in the country. We are a proud leader in commercial and industrial dehumidifier rental services. There are a number job sites where the absence of moisture is critical. When the situation arises, we provide an immediate climate control solution where it is needed. […]

Portable Dehumidifiers

DRYCO offers commercial and industrial portable dehumidifier rental anywhere across the country. We own portable industrial desiccant, commercial, small refrigerant and mechanical dehumidifiers that are available upon request. Our large selection means that we are likely to have the portable dehumidifier you need to get the job done. Large Selection To Fit Your Needs DRYCO […]

Mechanical Dehumidifiers (ArcticDRY)

As a temporary climate control company, cooling and air conditioning can be one component of controlling a space. Use ArcticDRY to provide cool, dry air, for example, in a warm and wet climate or working area to help provide a safer environment Sometimes worker safety requires cooling or the need to maintain a lower interior […]

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers (LGR)

DRYCO specializes in Refrigerant Dehumidifiers. We rent refrigerant dehumidifiers for portable moisture control on a weekly basis, or we offer custom rental length agreements. We have several hundreds of these units, so you can always find one available at DRYCO. They are easy to operate and very effective for use in both industrial and commercial […]

Fans & Blowers

DRYCO offers commercial and industrial fan and blower rental to companies across the country. We know that air movement is the key to heating, cooling and dehumidifying. To obtain the most effective airflow for the job, we offer fan and blowers of different air movement capacities and strengths to fit the individual requirements of each […]

Industrial Blowers

DRYCO has an excellent selection of industrial blowers for rent, allowing us to focus on catering to the industrial sector. We have several different industrial blowers available for rent, depending on the requirements of the job. There are several throngs to consider when deciding which industrial blower you will need for your upcoming or current […]

Generators & Temporary Power

Commercial & Industrial Generator Rental Whether you need large scale industrial generator rental to provide temporary power for a building in Chicago, a 110v distribution to run a refrigerator and appliances in New York, or the power to operate large equipment in Seattle, DRYCO can help. We have commercial and industrial generator rental units available […]

Power Distribution

DRYCO offers power distribution rental to companies across the country. We rent power distribution boxes to distribute power from a generator that spreads to several areas, splitter boxes, amp panels and distro panels. We have whatever piece of equipment you may need for your project. If you are on the job site with a generator […]

Power Cables

Power cables are often overlooked. Yes, it is mandatory to make a generator useful, but it’s also taken for granted. If you need to run power to many different places on a project, lots of extra cable will be needed. And yes, DRYCO offers cable to rent, whether 4/0 or other types, we can supply power […]

Commercial Heaters

DRYCO is a nationwide provider of commercial heater rental, specializing in commercial heaters and the rental of industrial heaters.  Wherever your industrial or commercial project is located, DRYCO is available for your commercial heating rental needs.  We offer several options including, daily, weekly & monthly rates.  We also offer a long-term rental program, seasonal rentals, […]

Electric Heaters

DRYCO specializes in electric heaters for commercial, industrial and private businesses and homes. Our electric heaters deliver clean, dry heat. We emphasise moisture control with our line of indirect fired and electric heaters. There are several benefits to using electric heaters over gas heaters. For instance, gas heaters are not always allowed in a building […]

Indirect Fired Heaters

Indirect fired heaters are one of the most popular forms of adding heat to a worksite. DRYCO is known throughout the industry for professional indirect fired heater rental and services. DRYCO rents indirect fired heaters that provide clean dry heated air that is free of combustion byproducts and moisture. Our indirect fired heaters come with […]

Industrial Heaters

DRYCO specializes in providing industrial heaters for businesses across the country. Industrial heater rental is also available from DRYCO for short term use. We are a nationwide supplier of portable industrial heater rentals and also commercial heater rentals. DRYCO holds a long standing commitment to quality service and support at affordable rates. With our long […]

In-Line Heaters

An in-line heater is the perfect solution if, for example, you’re also renting a dehumidifier. When using a dehumidifier for drying a project, heated climate control may be one of your primary concerns in delivering a high quality project. Let’s say that you’re project is at the end of summer and you have concerns about overnight temperatures […]

Mobile Diesel Powered Heaters

For the largest selection of mobile diesel-powered heaters, look no further than DRYCO. We are the nation’s premier provider of commercial and industrial climate control solutions. DRYCO has been providing mobile diesel-powered heaters to a wide range of project site for scheduled and emergency situations. We can deliver our professional grade rental equipment to customers […]

Portable Heater Rental

DRYCO is a nationwide supplier of commercial and industrial portable heater rental with a full line of heaters available to rent. By providing unmatched customer care, years of experience and superior technology, DRYCO should be your first choice for portable heater rental and commercial climate control. Solving heating related issues to the private and public […]

Ducting Rental

DRYCO is your go-to ducting supplier. We have ducting supplies for sale or rent. Whether you need to control the climate of a warehouse, factory, tent or a construction site, renting your ducting supplies from DRYCO is the way to go for all short-term applications. Skip the investment of purchasing new and rent from us. […]