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Climate Control

Climate Control For Large Ship Repairs

While there are few companies in the nation that offer first-class climate control services for large ship repairs, DRYCO is the industry leader in temporary climate control solutions. In our hands, any vessel can be protected in a properly controlled environment.  The equipment and expertise required to pull off these climate control solutions take specialized […]

Climate Control For Laboratories

DRYCO offers temporary climate control and dehumidification equipment for laboratories across the United States. Maintaining the perfect temperatures and environment is critical in obtaining accurate test results. Some of the nation’s leading industrial and medical labs rely on DRYCO to provide them with solutions that will support the integrity of their testing protocols. We offer […]

Climate Control For Manufacturing Plants

No one understands the importance of manufacturing plant climate control more than DRYCO. The profitability, productivity and employee morale are all connected to the temperatures within a production plant. Operational output can be reduced to nearly a standstill, which can have long reaching effects. If the heating, cooling or dehumidification system goes off-line for whatever […]

Climate Control For Bridges

DRYCO ’s highly trained and experienced technicians are here to consult on the highest quality solutions for bridge maintenance projects, including climate control. We understand the fundamental conditions that are closely controlled to maintain temperature and surface dew points throughout bridge maintenance process. Our technology ensures that the contractor receives the right equipment for the […]

Dehumidifiers For Hazardous Environments

Dryco is your reliable source for dehumidifiers for hazardous environments. We sell and rent dehumidifiers for any waste removal needs, and our dehumidifiers are portable so you can take them to and from the job site. Controlling the amount of water vapor in the air is an important factor in all industrial and commercial building […]

Cold Storage

DRYCO can solve your cold storage needs whether long-term or emergency, offering a wide variety of rental cooling and dehumidification equipment. Regardless of the project, we are prepared to meet your business’ unique commercial and industrial needs. During extreme weather spikes, even the top of the line HVAC systems can fail or need assistance providing additional […]

Construction Drying

The use of climate control on construction sites is quickly becoming standard practice. The benefits to using dehumidification and temperature are numerous. Avoid problems, such as: Concrete slabs emitting water Moisture on surface during flooring installation Drywall taping and mudding not drying Microbial growth With the proper equipment configuration you can avoid costly delays, earn […]

Construction Drying For Painting & Drywall

DRYCO will help you to stay within both your construction schedule and budget with drying services for painting and drywall projects. Don’t let an unfavorable moisture load cause you headaches and additional expenses – instead, let DRYCO be your ideal climate control solution provider for commercial and industrial projects. We provide unparalleled customer service, vast […]

Construction Drying For Flooring

DRYCO will help you avoid costly moisture-related problems on your next construction project with our expert floor drying. We know the importance of immediate action, so we work around the clock to ensure you do not lose time or money. Why Dry Floors During Construction? Most construction projects work on tight budgets and timelines that leave […]

Confined Space Ventilation

DRYCO has the largest available selection of confined space ventilation and confined space ventilator rental equipment you will find anywhere. We offer commercial and industrial rental equipment to ventilate confined spaces for clients across the country. Some of the confined space ventilation equipment, we rent, includes fans, blowers, heaters, and coolers. Confined spaces can include […]

Factory Climate Control

DRYCO provides factory climate control for businesses across the country. Factory climate control is vital especially for preserving perishable and sensitive products such as medical supplies, furniture, electronics and many other goods. DRYCO provides the desired conditions using our climate control equipment to control humidly and temperature. This ensures that your storage or production processes […]

Condensation Control

DRYCO is the industry leader in condensation control equipment rental and solutions.  DRYCO knows that the first step in condensation control is understanding what condensation is, and how it effects your building.  Our experience shows that not enough attention is paid to condensation control when it comes to building design and construction. DRYCO has a […]

Industrial Manufacturing

Regardless of what you are producing, if moisture becomes an issue it can wreak havoc on a manufacturing facility. The good news is you can control it! DRYCO can deliver the proper dehumidification and/or temperature solution to help keep you on schedule. Whether you are waiting for a new system to be delivered or you […]

Condensation Prevention in Meat Processing Facilities

Condensation Prevention in Meat Processing Facilities From the production area all the way through to your cold storage and loading docks, condensation in the form of moisture, fog, frost and ice create unwanted production headaches as well as potential USDA code infringements and additional costs to your bottom line. The key to condensation control in […]

Food Processing & Cold Storage

With the ever-growing population, the need for food processing climate control has increased steadily. With tight schedules, production quotas, thin margins and health concerns, the food processing and cold storage industry understands the need for proper climate control. Even the best HVAC systems become stressed while trying to fight high humidity and fluctuating temperature levels […]

Construction Drying Services

DRYCO is supporting the construction of a 5 story 188 unit condominium by supplying construction drying services.

Residential Construction Drying – Desiccant Dehumidification

In addition to large construction drying projects DRYCO also works on smaller projects. This residence in Seattle area is a construction drying project we are currently working on. We are utilizing two 385cfm Desiccant Dehumidifier (one shown below) for wood frame drying.

Moisture Regain Prevention – Desiccant Dehumidification

Moisture Regain Prevention in Pneumatic Conveying Systems and Ingredient Production Facilities: By nature, hygroscopic ingredients attract and retain moisture.  Moving, storing and manufacturing these hygroscopic materials during humid summer months is a challenge in itself without the added nuisance of clumping, sticking, caking, within the conveying lines, silos, fluid beds, spray towers, packaging floor, machinery, […]

Hazardous Materials

SAFETY IS FIRST! Whether chemicals, gas/oil, munitions or other sensitive materials are on site, DRYCO has developed a patented and CSA/UL approved dehumidifier to assist in moisture control. The XDH2000 is a state of the art Class 1, Division 2 desiccant dehumidifier. In addition to the Explosion Proof Dehumidifier, DRYCO offers a full line of […]

Marine & Dry Dock Repair

When marine vessels of all shapes and sizes arrive in dry dock for repairs, climate control can become the new best friend. When surface preparation is under way or interior work is conducted, dehumidification and temperature control can aid in many ways: Improve application of steel surface paint Control/reduce moisture Maintain surface temperatures Condition interior […]

Drying Equipment for Military Vessels and Small Spaces

SBDH-200 This small unit has been built specifically for drying marine vessels. Features include: 200cfm • Electric • 460 volt 3 phase • 5amps • 175lbs • L:20 x W:17 x H:38 ANSI lifting bar made with dual 12 gauge 304 stainless steel angle. 18 gauge 304 stainless steel casing, access doors and panels. Three […]

Marine Dry Dock – Blasting & Recoating – Climate Control

Dehumidification, Heat & Blast Equipment for Marine Vessel DRYCO’s project: a nuclear collection vessel that is in the North Lake Union dry-dock in Seattle, WA for a complete blast and re-paint inside and out.  It collects spent nuclear waste from nuclear powered Navy vessels as they cruise throughout the oceans.  DRYCO has provided dehumidification, heat and […]

Ice Arenas

Have bad ice? Arena showing signs of excess moisture? No worries, even the “big boys” need help sometimes. It’s true: DRYCO has delivered temporary climate control to numerous professional hockey teams during peak summer months. Whether you are a municipal ice arena or a big-time pro hockey team, extreme seasonal weather can stress even the […]

Painting Blasting & Coating

DRYCO helps painters and coaters stay on schedule, meet specifications and assure a quality finished product. Using dehumidification/climate control on painting & coating project is becoming more common every year. Why? Using climate control on an SSPC project helps the industrial painter hold the blast, prevent flash rusting, blistering and paint failures. Why use Climate […]

Water Tank Blasting & Recoating – Dehumidification

Climate Control and Power for a Water Tank A water tank in Chatham, Illinois needed a new coat of paint.  DRYCO was called in to assist with the climate conditions.  A dehumidifier powered by a generator were used to create an ideal environment for the fresh coat of paint to dry. DRYCO Rental Equipment: 5000cfm desiccant dehumidifier […]

Water Tank – Blasting Hold and Paint Drying

Blasting & Painting Sped up with Heat and Dehumidification In Collinsville, Oklahoma this water purification tank was in need of a new coat of paint.  DRYCO was called in to assist in the process and help provide ideal environmental conditions.  Technician Andrew Redoble delivered and set up one (1) 5,000cfm desiccant dehumidifier and one (1) […]

Water Tank Blasting with Drying from a Desiccant Dehumidifier

Climate Control Equipment Keeps Appropriate Humidity Levels This tank blasting and coating project is located in sunny Wilmington, NC. The DRYCO desiccant dehumidifier pictured is running on 100% outside return air (as all tank jobs should).  The long duct run shown is 125’ in length and is stubbed into the top of the water tank allowing the dehumidified air to drop […]

Warehouse Climate Control

Warehouse climate control can be a major issue, especially during extreme weather or emergency situations. Dryco is a nationwide provider of warehouse climate control solutions for both the public and private sectors. We offer professional heating and cooling rental equipment as well as air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, heaters, and generators. The name Dryco is synonymous with professional […]

Climate Control For Ice Skating Rinks

DRYCO is a leading provider of equipment rental for the purpose of climate control for small ice-skating rinks. Without a properly working climate control system, the temperature in the rink will steadily increase, and the ice will begin to melt. This instability presents a dangerous situation for customers and increases the operator’s liability. In addition to our […]