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Emergency Services

Moisture & Mold Prevention

Mold presents a serious health issue to those exposed to it and be extremely harmful to people who breath in its spores. Mold can cause headaches, shortness of breath, nose bleeds, respiratory bleeding and even cancer. If you have an area that is a high risk for mold, it is vital to implement a climate […]

Emergency Climate Control

When a building is damaged in the middle of summer or in the dead of winter, temporary heating or cooling can become a critical component of any response effort. Keep business operations running when HVAC is down Back up chillers and cooling for emergency shut downs Provides additional climate control during excessive weather conditions DRYCO […]

Emergency Power

It is often said: POWER IS KING! In an emergency situation, if you don’t have generators your equipment is useless. DRYCO has the generators to power up the big equipment. We can also run a generator straight into a building power box or we can provide power and distribution to run 110v equipment and everyday […]

Document Drying & Recovery

  Document Drying And Recovery When valuable files, papers, and books require preservation, DRYCO provides document drying services to protect your sensitive material. While paper can never be restored its original condition, proper cleaning and drying of documents is essential. This process helps save valuable paperwork and prevents additional damage from things such as mold, […]

Structural Drying

DRYCO can help when large buildings or spaces need to be dried, following moisture related damage – such as hurricanes, floods, pipe breaks or other water damage. When the job calls for more than fans or LGR’s, we can help by delivering dehumidifiers ranging in size from 1,000 cfm up to 25,000 cfm. Are you […]

Generator Rental Chicago

Choose DRYCO for generator rental in Chicago. Our generators range in size from 45kW to 2Meg units. Whether you need temporary power for a Chicago commercial building or a large construction site, DRYCO has you covered. Chicago Generator Rental We offer many options for generator rentals in Chicago. The length of temporary power needs often […]