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Painting & Coating

Painting Blasting & Coating

DRYCO helps painters and coaters stay on schedule, meet specifications and assure a quality finished product. Using dehumidification/climate control on painting & coating project is becoming more common every year. Why? Using climate control on an SSPC project helps the industrial painter hold the blast, prevent flash rusting, blistering and paint failures. Why use Climate […]

Water Tank Blasting & Recoating – Dehumidification

Climate Control and Power for a Water Tank A water tank in Chatham, Illinois needed a new coat of paint.  DRYCO was called in to assist with the climate conditions.  A dehumidifier powered by a generator were used to create an ideal environment for the fresh coat of paint to dry. DRYCO Rental Equipment: 5000cfm desiccant dehumidifier […]

Water Tank – Blasting Hold and Paint Drying

Blasting & Painting Sped up with Heat and Dehumidification In Collinsville, Oklahoma this water purification tank was in need of a new coat of paint.  DRYCO was called in to assist in the process and help provide ideal environmental conditions.  Technician Andrew Redoble delivered and set up one (1) 5,000cfm desiccant dehumidifier and one (1) […]

Water Tank Blasting with Drying from a Desiccant Dehumidifier

Climate Control Equipment Keeps Appropriate Humidity Levels This tank blasting and coating project is located in sunny Wilmington, NC. The DRYCO desiccant dehumidifier pictured is running on 100% outside return air (as all tank jobs should).  The long duct run shown is 125’ in length and is stubbed into the top of the water tank allowing the dehumidified air to drop […]