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Food Processing & Cold Storage

Cold Storage

DRYCO can solve your cold storage needs whether long-term or emergency, offering a wide variety of rental cooling and dehumidification equipment. Regardless of the project, we are prepared to meet your business’ unique commercial and industrial needs. During extreme weather spikes, even the top of the line HVAC systems can fail or need assistance providing additional […]

Condensation Prevention in Meat Processing Facilities

Condensation Prevention in Meat Processing Facilities From the production area all the way through to your cold storage and loading docks, condensation in the form of moisture, fog, frost and ice create unwanted production headaches as well as potential USDA code infringements and additional costs to your bottom line. The key to condensation control in […]

Food Processing & Cold Storage

With the ever-growing population, the need for food processing climate control has increased steadily. With tight schedules, production quotas, thin margins and health concerns, the food processing and cold storage industry understands the need for proper climate control. Even the best HVAC systems become stressed while trying to fight high humidity and fluctuating temperature levels […]

Moisture Regain Prevention – Desiccant Dehumidification

Moisture Regain Prevention in Pneumatic Conveying Systems and Ingredient Production Facilities: By nature, hygroscopic ingredients attract and retain moisture.  Moving, storing and manufacturing these hygroscopic materials during humid summer months is a challenge in itself without the added nuisance of clumping, sticking, caking, within the conveying lines, silos, fluid beds, spray towers, packaging floor, machinery, […]