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Drying A Storage Facility After A Chicago Storm

After Storms Strike, DRYCO Arrives
(With a lot of Equipment)

15,000 cfm desiccant dehumidifier When storms passed through the Chicago area this summer, wreaking havoc on homes and businesses, DRYCO responded in force with equipment and service.  One of the numerous projects that DRYCO responded to called for 60,000 cfm of dehumidified air to help dry out a storage facility.

First Build a Wall… Then Start Drying

We’re not sure what is more impressive: the 60,000 cfm of desiccant dehumidifiers delivered, set up and hooked to power overnight… or the fact that the restoration company built a 150′ long, two story temporary wall in mere hours?  Either way, the building owners were very happy with the collective effort of all involved.

To clarify, the equipment that was delivered and set up comprised of the following desiccant dehumidifiers:

  • 1 – 25,000 cfm unit
  • 2 – 15,000 cfm units
  • 1 – 5,000 cfm unit