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Air Scrubbers

Air Scrubber Rental

Air Scrubber RentalAir scrubbers are primarily used to remove airborne particles and fumes from a particular site. When used with the appropriate filter, an air scrubber can work wonders.

If a building or space contains mold spores, air scrubbers can remove them from the air, making it less harmful to breath. If the site is full of harmful fumes, the air scrubbers can help flush the building and effectively ‘scrub the air.’

Stop the small things from causing a big problem

Customers looking for air scrubber rental should turn to DRYCO. The air scrubbers (another common term is negative air machine) that DRYCO predominantly stocks is the 2,000cfm unit. Requiring only an extension cord hooked to 110v power (along with some clean filters), these machines will help freshen up any space.

Ideal for construction projects or during restoration work following fires, for example, a negative air machine helps eliminate the small problems that cause big problems! You can quickly and easily eliminate dust, mold particles, odors, wood sawdust or other tiny particles by using an air scrubber on your next project.

We generally have a good stock of air scrubbers at all DRYCO locations and typically rent air scrubbers at a weekly rate. Please contact your local DRYCO representative for air scrubber rental prices, availability or for more information.