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Spot Coolers

Spot Cooler RentalSometimes, your climate control and cooling needs are focused on a specific area. If the power is out in your office or you have an onsite server room, you are already acquainted with this fact. Spot coolers can be an ideal solution if you are dealing with the situation where you have lost the ability to reduce the temperature in your facility. Keeping your building cool has become more critical with the implementation of modern technology and computers. DRYCO provides spot cooler rental for all types of industrial and commercial situations. We stand ready to deliver 24-hour emergency response service in addition to any scheduled services. DRYCO rents spot coolers to both the public and private sectors and can deliver our spot cooler units to your location. The teams at DRYCO are experts in providing temporary and emergency spot cooling services.

Spot Cooler Rental

Contact DYRCO for spot cooler rental, anywhere nationwide. We offer a variety of spot coolers to meet any need so you can be certain that we have one that is perfect to manage your situation. They can be rented on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis so whether you need our unit for short-term or long-term use, we’ve got you covered. DRYCO offers easy-to-use and portable temporary spot cooling units. If your climate control system is offline or malfunctioning and you cannot to cool down your building for whatever reason, don’t hesitate to call try call immediately. DRYCO’s spot coolers can temporarily handle your environmental cooling needs until your climate control system can be restored.

Full Service Climate Control

After a professional consultation from one of our expert DRYCO representatives, we can have the spot coolers delivered to your location, have our technicians set them up, and monitor the operation of your rented spot cooler. We have several different size units available depending on what your needs are. Our reputation of being a fair and customer service oriented company has been well earned over the years. We pride ourselves on superior customer relations, the most up-to-date technology, and top-of-the-line training to make sure that we provide our clients with world-class climate control solutions.

Cooling, On The Spot!

With one call you can have spot coolers delivered to your location, technicians can set up and monitor the operation and you can receive expert consultation until your original climate control system is online. DRYCO’s portable spot cooling units can be controlled on the spot allowing you to make adjustments as required. Our units also provide ease of movement that allows our spot cooler rental units to be easily and quickly relocated exactly where they are needed. Don’t let mishaps and system failures cripple your business. When the need to spot cool a specific and integral area arises, call DRYCO.

Please contact your local representative to see about availability and pricing.