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Document Drying & Recovery

Document Drying & RecoveryWhen valuable files, papers, books or other media are damaged, DRYCO can help. While paper can never be restored its original condition, proper drying and/or cleaning of documents is essential. Proper drying and cleaning helps save valuable documents and prevent additional damage, such as mold, odor or irreversible damage to the makeup of the material.

  • Save valuable files and papers
  • Save X-Rays, micro-film, microfiche and other media
  • Books, blueprints and valuable documents are not lost

DRYCO’s staff is ready to help in the event that documents become damaged.

Recovering Damaged Documents

From the personally significant to the business-related, recovering your irreplaceable document is our top priority. Time is vital when it comes to the recovery process. The sooner you call, the sooner our experts can determine what recovery method is best suited for the specific material of the document. Once we know, we get to work employing the appropriate techniques. Some common techniques we use are blast freezing, vacuum freeze drying, soot removal, microbial disinfecting and deodorization. While paper can never be restored to its original state because of its high susceptibility to moisture, it is important to halt the deterioration and properly dry the item as soon as you discover the damage. It is also important that the documents be moved to a moisture-free location.

Cleaning Damaged Documents

Water not only physically destroys paper-based documents; it also leads to mold, mildew and other potentially harmful bacteria. Documents that have been exposed to fire may suffer substantial soot and smoke damage that will require specialized techniques to remove the contaminants. Depending on the surrounding environment and the degree of damage, it may be necessary to move your items to a controlled facility. We employ dry techniques such as brushes, dry sponges, HEPA vacuums and dry erasers so you will never have to worry about collateral damage during the cleaning process.

Document Restoration

DYRCO’s team of restoration professionals will accurately assess what materials are salvageable and work to preserve and restore your valuable items. Restoration of damaged documents is impeded by the passage of time and continued exposure to destructive elements, so it is important to act quickly. We use state-of-the-art procedures to restore severely damaged documents. Documents recovered and treated by DRYCO within a 24-hour window have a higher rate of restoration.

Cleaned, Organized & Returned

After the water damaged documents have been cleaned, disinfected and dried, we box everything for return. The boxes are labeled to make the delivery as smooth as possible. It is important to note that during all stages of document restoration, the documents are staged with numbers and descriptions in the event that a certain file is needed. We can either deliver the files to the customer or scan and email the needed pages.

Don’t lose critical information or personally significant documents to an unforeseen disaster. Call DRYCO today for help with your document drying emergency.