Construction Drying Services

DRYCO is supporting the construction of a 5 story 188 unit condominium by supplying construction drying services. We have delivered and set up 3 each gas fired 5000cfm desiccant dehumidifiers, 3 each gas indirect-fired heaters, 30 each air movers, and 6 each 30 inch construction fans to accelerate the drying of the wood framing to a moisture content of 14%.

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Reducing Moisture Content

Following that application we move into meeting architectural specification requirements to maintain an ambient environment of at least 55 degrees and 50 % or less relative humidity during the installation of wallboard. That process continues by reducing the moisture content of the wallboard to 12% prior to taping and final finishing and decoration of the wallboard.

Accelerating Drying Time

Utilizing DRYCO’s equipment accelerates the drying time of joint compounds from 6 days to 12 hours. The next step will be accelerating the drying process of the gypcrete, a floor leveling compound that is used to level the plywood floor prior to the installation of finished flooring. Finally, DRYCO will be flushing the building to improve indoor air quality by exhausting any contaminants and VOC’s that may been absorbed by sink materials prior to the permanent occupants taking residence in the completed project. This job was sold by Chris Cortinas and set up by Rolando Fernandez and Onecimo Aldana out of DRYCO’s Seattle, WA location.

Rental Equipment

  • (3) 5000cfm desiccant dehumidifiers
  • (3) gas indirect-fired heaters
  • (30) air movers
  • (6) 30” construction fans